The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires all bloggers to disclose any endorsements or sources of income related to the content they generate (Source). While this has not happened as of yet, any blogpost concerning a product or service for which I have received compensation either directly or indirectly will have a disclaimer explicitly written at the beginning of the post. The purpose of this blog is education, not profit, so any potential financial conflict will be disclosed at the start so that readers can be fully informed.

In addition to that information required by the FTC, I am including the following information in order to be as open as possible about any potential source of bias, unintentional though it may be (the format is adapted from BuzzMachine):

  • Business Ties: I am currently employed solely by AcerPlacer (a subsidiary of TheMathCo). My wife is employed by Bravo Arts Academy.
  • Media Ties: At the moment, I have no ties to any major media operation.
  • Stocks: I own no stocks.
  • Politics: I tend to be moderate politically in that my liberal friends tell me I’m conservative and my conservative friends are shocked by how liberal I am.  Politically I skew left on economic matters and libertarian on social matters.